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In the Best
Interest of Taxpayers

So, what does it means to be "in the best-interest of taxpayers?


Taxes make strong countries and corporations even stronger. In the United States, the U.S. Congress submits tax law legislation every year as part of keeping our democratic government in order. As usual, the IRS is tasked with the duty of collecting some 3 trillion dollars every year. These funds support our military, foreign aid & domestic welfare, building bridges, roads and much more. According to our survey, most taxpayers agree with spending tax dollars and many give more to charitable donations around the world - more than any other country.

So, why does so many taxpayers believe that the IRS is out to cause them financial or personal harm. Our survey show an increase of taxpayers committing suicides, filing for bankruptcy or simply leaving the United States because of their tax problems at the IRS. In addition, our survey records that most of these taxpayers were unsuccessful in managing their tax issues for the following three reasons: CLICK HERE!